Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March for Babies

Eric and I are forming a team to walk in the St. Louis March for Babies. The walk is on April 25. I was hesitant for several reasons, but we decided to go for it. Our team is, of course, walking in memory of Sydney and in honor of Hailey, our 6 year old who was born 7 weeks too soon. I bought myself some new running shoes tonight so I can start working out and getting ready for the walk. It's a 3 mile walk and before I got pregnant, I was walking about 1.5-2 miles a day, so I have some work to do. I didn't really walk or workout the whole time I was pregnant because I was always so tired. I had no other discomforts, just that.

I had a pretty good day at work yesterday. I was busy with customers and getting my office back in order after being out for three weeks. Then I had some other stuff to do to keep myself occupied. Once I got home, it seemed to really hit me again. Today was so-so. We went to the cemetery. The ground was really wet and muddy, so we didn't stay long. I meant to bring a blanket or towel so we could just sit. Last week when we went, it was wet too, but not so muddy so we just sat and had wet pants. It is so peaceful at Sydney's spot. I'm really glad we chose that cemetery.

While we were at the cemetery, Eric said, "I never thought this would happen to us." Our first two pregnancies were high risk, especially the second. We had several scares, including a hospital admission at 23 weeks for super high blood pressure (I developed PIH at about 14 weeks) and Hailey was born at 33 weeks after an emergency induction when my kidneys and liver were failing (I had severe atypical pre-eclampsia and possibly HELLP Syndrome). I also had pre-eclampsia with Christian, but it wasn't too bad and he was induced at 36 weeks after a non-reactive NST and slowing movements. We knew this pregnancy was high risk going in, but up until February 8th, I felt great. It was my best pregnancy yet. I was so confident that I would actually make it to term. I was so much healthier this time around. I never imagined we would end up like this.

It's just so confusing and completely unfair. :(

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