Monday, March 2, 2009

Back to work

I went back to work today. It was so hard and I was dreading it. My very first customer of the day was a woman who just had a baby last month AND she brought the baby. I wasn't expecting her to come in today. When I saw her and the baby, I just froze. I tried really hard not to cry, but the tears came. She knew I was pregnant and she put things together pretty quickly. She practically ran out of the office as soon as she was done. I sat and cried for a while after she left.

Christian (my 7 year old) has been writing letters to Sydney. In his letter last week, he said that he wanted Sydney to write back to him. Eric explained that she can't do that. He wrote another one and said he knows she can't write now. :( It's heartbreaking. Both Christian and Hailey were so excited about having a little sister. Christian has already asked when we can have another baby. :(

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