Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you serious?!

Ugh, it is always something. Last night, I ended up in the ER until about 4:30 am or so in severe abdominal and back pain. It turns out I seem to have gallstones or some other gallbladder issue. This is common after both losing a lot of weight and having a baby. I had an ultrasound of my gallbladder today and at this point, I am scheduled to have surgery on Thursday, April 9. He didn't have the results of the ultrasound yet, but something was seen in my gallbladder on CT Scan, so he's sure it needs to come out. *sigh* I just can't catch a break. I feel like crap and like this unreliable loser at work because stuff keeps happening to me. My coworkers must hate me sometimes.

On Monday, Eric and I went to the cemetery together. When we got there, we found that the big brightly colored pinwheels were broken! Two of the little Easter eggs on the sticks were also damaged. I was so upset. I'm trying to remember, this stuff is outside and it will get damaged. It almost looks like it was done on purpose though. I know people that live near there actually walk their dogs in the cemetery and I wonder if a dog got a hold of it. We did get crappy weather Saturday and Sunday, but another nearby grave has the same pinwheels and theirs were intact. I was planning to buy some new ones and take them out there today, but I am exhausted and feel like crud, so I guess I'll just try to go this weekend instead.

One bright spot--there is a second little purple flower growing next to the original one. About 2 feet or so from Sydney's grave, there is a little area with a bunch of the purple flowers growing now. On the opposite side of the Babyland area, there are some darker purple flowers growing around and on several of the graves. It is really neat to see all these little flowers growing all around the babies. It is weird, the original flower on Sydney's grave was there a good two weeks before any of the others we saw this week. My new friend Jen (from Glory Babies) found the flower type for me. It is the hedyotis crassifolia, which always points skyward. :)

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