Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the sky

If there is one bright spot in this babylost world, it is the members of this community. I've had Sydney's memory honored in so many ways, from her name written in the sand on Christian's beach, to Lea's Angel Wings, and Bree's butterflies. The newest is Ashley's Babies in the Sky gallery. Ashley was kind enough to write Sydney's name for me and post it on her blog. Beautiful!


Bree said...

It is beautiful. Isn't that a great idea! The world is filled with some amazing people, isn't it? Thinking of you. Hope you are well (or as well as one can be).

Mary said...

I love these pictures. She has come up with an amazing way to honor our babies. It's very sweet.

Lea said...

Jaime - how gorgeous! What a precious keepsake to have.