Saturday, February 21, 2009

Death Certificate

My baby doesn't even have a birth certificate yet, but we have her death certificate. In Missouri, if a baby is stillborn, they only get a birth certificate. But if they are born alive and take even one breath, they get a birth certificate and a death certificate. She'll also get a social security number.

The funeral home called last night and left a message saying that Sydney's death certificates were in. We were surprised because they said to expect two weeks or so. Eric went to pick them up this morning, but he was frazzled and didn't know where to go. So we went back by tonight to get them.

There was nothing shocking. Her time of death is listed at 7:15 am, but that's when the doctor pronounced her death. She actually passed sometime between 6:30 and 6:45 am. Cause of death is obvious, extreme prematurity. Below that, there is a line that says, "Other significant conditions contributing to cause of death" and they filled in "Incompetent Cervix."

The doctor and I have been back and forth on the incompetent cervix. First he said, maybe, then definitely, then back to maybe. We know there was an infection, but the question is, was it the primary cause or secondary to being dilated already and my water breaking. I hope to have some test results when I see him on Thursday, but again, I don't think that question can be answered with pathology reports.

Still working on the birth story. It's so hard to write it all out.

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